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          Beijing Fire Department officially launched pilot demonstration of large commercial complex

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          In order to further promote the comprehensive fire safety management of large-scale commercial complex, Beijing Fire Department officially launched the pilot demonstration work of large-scale commercial complex since this month.

          Through the demonstration, we have established a typical model of standardized and standardized fire safety management of large commercial complexes, established and implemented a dual prevention and disposal mechanism of "management, inspection and disposal" risk grading control and hidden danger investigation and treatment, and continuously improved the fire safety management ability of large commercial complexes in the city.

          What are the scope of fire safety management in large commercial complex?

          01 part I unit self management

          (1) Establish professional team with high standard

          Large commercial complex units should establish professional fire safety management team and emergency response team with high standards, and implement entity operation and commitment management. The system and mechanism, organizational structure, personnel situation and duty performance of the team shall be timely filed with the fire rescue institutions under the jurisdiction, and shall be publicized in the eye-catching position of the complex unit, and shall be subject to the supervision of the whole society.

          1. Establish fire safety management team

          (1) Administration team. Establish an administrative management team composed of no less than 9 "key persons" including the person in charge of fire safety (legal representative, main person in charge and actual controller), fire safety manager, manager of property department, manager of security department, manager of engineering management department, manager of investment promotion and operation Department, manager of human resources department and person in charge of fire brigade (station). Among them, there shall be at least one first-class registered fire engineer or obtain the corresponding level of fire safety management qualification. A full-time operation organization can be set up to be responsible for the administrative management team. If there are multiple property right units, user units or complex units with a building area of more than 500000 square meters, several management groups shall be set up according to the property right, business type or area.

          (2) Technical management team. Establish a technical management team composed of no less than 15 technicians for fire protection facilities maintenance, fire control room, micro fire station, power supply, gas, water supply and drainage, communication, elevator, heating and cooling, air conditioning and ventilation, engineering maintenance, etc. The team members should have the qualification and ability required by the post. There are multiple property rights units, user units or complex units with a construction area of more than 500000 square meters, and there should be several technical groups according to the business type or functional area. It is mainly responsible for carrying out professional inspection and providing technical service guarantee.

          2. Establish an emergency response team

          (1) Fire fighting team. According to the standard, build and strengthen the full-time fire brigade or mini fire station and other fire forces to undertake the initial fire fighting and disposal tasks. A full-time fire brigade shall be set up for a large commercial complex with a building area of more than 500000 square meters; at least two mini fire stations shall be set up for a large commercial complex with a building area of more than 200000 square meters. The emergency response team regularly organizes and carries out emergency operation of building fire-fighting facilities, fire-fighting skills training and personnel evacuation drill.

          (2) Technical disposal team. Relying on the technical management team, a technical disposal team is established, which is mainly responsible for daily inspection and maintenance, engineering and technical emergency operation, gas cut-off, power cut-off, emergency power supply, internal attack guidance, fire elevator control, etc. in case of fire and other dangers, to provide technical support for fire fighting and rescue operations.

          (2) Strictly carry out self-management

          1. System and mechanism. Based on the actual situation of the unit, formulate strict fire safety responsibilities, response procedures and safeguard measures, clarify management requirements, frequency and time limit, reward and punishment methods, and constantly improve the system and mechanism. The fire safety administrative management team shall listen to the fire safety work development report at least once a week, study and solve relevant problems, conduct supervision and assessment once a month, and link the assessment results with employee promotion, salary, evaluation and other matters, and strictly implement the implementation.

          2. Intelligent means. Strengthen the use of big data, Internet of things and other intelligent fire technology products, rely on the existing system or research and development of convenient procedures, facilitate the dynamic grasp of fire safety real-time monitoring data information, establish and improve the early warning prediction system.

          3. Technical service. Carry out risk assessment and facility maintenance as required, timely rectify the risks and hidden dangers found, and implement preventive measures. For example, hire a third-party fire technical service agency, supervise and urge the fire technical service agency to carry out full-scale real name record and real-time trace management of the technical personnel and services, and publicize them in the public area of the complex Business license, technical service personnel qualification certificate, complaint telephone, inspection and maintenance conclusion documents and other information, accept social supervision.

          4. Line management. The group headquarters should regularly study and deploy the fire safety management of its large commercial complex, solve the major issues of fire safety management, and incorporate fire safety into the group's development strategy. It is necessary to set up an expert group or a third-party organization to set up a work inspection team to carry out regular public and private visits and flight inspection to subordinate enterprises.

          02 Part II unit daily inspection

          Large commercial complex units should follow the fire law, regulations on fire safety management of organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions and other fire laws and regulations, refer to the fire risk guidelines for large commercial complex and fire risk inspection guidelines for large commercial complex issued by the Fire Rescue Bureau, and focus on the fire source, electrical and combustible risks and the safe evacuation and fire safety of personnel under fire conditions Carry out daily inspection on fire risk of main places and equipment rooms, and inspect their own fire safety management, fire hazard sources (fire, oil and gas, electricity, decoration and decoration, decoration construction), key places and parts (KTV and other entertainment places, games and entertainment places, ice and snow entertainment places, exhibition halls and warehouses) from two aspects of archives and field Cold storage, important equipment room, atrium and indoor pedestrian street), fire control facilities (fire control room, safety evacuation facilities, fire separation facilities, fire water supply facilities, fire power supply facilities, fire linkage control facilities), emergency response capacity, and organize night fire patrol and wrong time inspection in combination with the actual situation.

          03 Part 3 fire fighting at the beginning of unit

          (1) "1 minute response". The fire control room shall confirm the fire location and report the situation to the emergency response team. The staff at the fire location shall use fire extinguisher, fire hose and fire hydrant nearby to put out the fire and evacuate the nearby personnel in time.

          (2) "3 minutes response". Start the internal emergency plan of the unit, and the emergency disposal team will be on site to deal with it, guide the people to evacuate orderly, use indoor fire hydrant or fire hose to put out the fire, start the fire evacuation broadcast, start the mechanical pressurized air supply, fire water curtain and other separation facilities of smoke proof stairwell, front room and shared front room, and orderly use the rolling curtain separation of three-dimensional and horizontal fire compartment as the case may be.

          (3) Full docking and cooperation. The emergency response team shall arrange special personnel to guide the local fire rescue forces on site in time, report the fire situation on site, and cooperate with fire fighting and rescue actions. The technical disposal team of the unit shall implement emergency disposal such as communication, elevator, water supply and drainage, strong and weak electricity, air conditioning and ventilation according to the technical division, so as to provide technical support for fire fighting and rescue operations.

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